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Privacy Policy Thank you for visiting our site and reading our Privacy Squad. During your visit, only the time of your visit and the pages you visit are kept. Privacy The basics of your ilk are simple and straightforward. In order to benefit from various services during your visit to our site, no personal information is requested or collected except for your own information and information that you give except your wish during your subscription transactions. Privacy For more information about the pyramid is provided below:

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The time that you visit, the date and the pages you visited etc. information is automatically recorded by our system for use in reshaping and configuring processes in accordance with your needs and your needs. This information is often communicated to you by your internet browser. These informations can not be used in identity finding.

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E-Mail and Online Forms Different services are provided on our site through various e-mail addresses and forms. Some information is requested from you depending on the type of service. The information obtained will not be used in any way other than your intended use of the services you have requested and will be kept confidential.


The precautions and precautions have been taken to ensure the content provided and the security of the information provided. The technological developments on security are followed and necessary regulations are made.

Changes in Privacy Policy The Web Editorial Board may make changes in the Privacy Policy if it deems it necessary. The changes are announced in the Privacy Principles section of Privacy Policy is not a contract.