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Security Policies

Security Policies

Our system does not require a cookie system because it is a separate session for all of our activities with the reason for your security, so you do not need to make any changes to Browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape, etc ..) settings and this system does not follow you at all.

Data security

All sensitive and personal information compiled from users is stored in the highest electronic and physical safety standards and is only accessible to authorized T.C. personnel and to a system that can only be accessed under user approval in mandatory situations. laws and international laws. users without any personal information and sensitive information compiled by users under any name, for any reason and without any explanation, to disclose the information to third parties, and in no way to abuse and promises to commit.

Your Rights

Our site keeps consumer rights in the highest priority. In this sense, all kinds of product and service problems that you experience during shopping on our site are meticulously evaluated and resolved in the shortest possible time.

Deletion of Data

Any personal information or documents recorded or posted on my site by users, including personal or corporate, articles, cookies, comments, scientific works, copyrighted documents, pictures and media players and color tones are permanently deleted in the direction of your request . You can request deletion by using communication links located on the bottom of all pages in our site.